Why Is It That. . .

Why is it that so many people suffer from depression and anxiety?! I mean, when I was growing up, those words were certainly NOT common-place. If you suffered from depression or anxiety or both, the label was “basket case”. This is what the modern dictionary has about the definition and origins of the term “Basket Case”

bas·ket case/ˈbaskət ˌkās/noun

INFORMAL noun: basket case; plural noun: basket cases; noun: basketcase; plural noun: basketcases

  1. a person or thing regarded as useless or unable to cope.
    • a country or organization that is in severe financial or economic difficulties, especially one that is unable to pay its debts.”sudden meltdowns—such as the financial crisis—can turn flourishing countries into basket cases overnight”


First World War: originally US slang denoting a soldier who had lost all four limbs, thus unable to move independently.

Why are those two mental illnesses / afflictions so commonplace in this modern day and age? I am no scientist or psychologist but, here is my take on this topic and my proposed “cure”. That’s right. CURE. As in no longer suffer from… “insert name of suffering here


I think that the high incidents of depression and anxiety stem from just 3 things. All can be traced back to these three things. (Conditions of the heart if you will). . .

  1. The Lust of the Eye.
    • Ecclesiastes says, The eye is never full of seeing nor the ear of hearing. Meaning, it is human nature to want more, better, different. To want to hear pleasant, sweet, agreeable things instead of helpful albeit sometimes blunt or hurtful truths.
    • The CURE for this is to BE SATISFIED WITH WHERE YOU’RE AT WHAT YOU HAVE AND NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. WOWZAH! What a concept right?! Is this hard to put into practice? Yes. Yes it really is. Why? Because, we live in a culture that is changing, evolving and updating so rapidly that we feel forced to keep up. We feel pressured to get the latest, greatest thing, clothing, car, house, iPhone, gadget … [you name it].
  2. The Lust of the flesh.
    • Meaning, just what it says. Giving in to our lustful nature whether it be lusting after someone, sexually (real or via pornography), drugs or food etc.. Lust of any kind is unhealthy and destructive. Destructive to your body, mind and soul. Having a lustful nature decays healthy relationships with friends and significant others, jobs and family. This is the epitome of selfishness. Lusting after what YOU want and not caring about anything or anyone else.
    • The CURE for this is to be selfless, focus on your spiritual side. Your walk with the LORD. Be in the Word of God. Prepare and repair your heart and mind daily! Each day BEFORE the day begins. Also difficult to do all the time but, we MUST strive to.
  3. The Pride of Life.
    • Meaning, being prideful and vain. Only concerned with your own needs, status or “importance”. Doing things for appearance sake and not out of genuine charity, mercy or brokenness. Being concerned with appearance rather than substance.
    • The CURE for this is the same as #2.

I know what you’re thinking.. You’re probably thinking well.. What about victims of trauma?! Huh? What about THEM!?

To that I say.. No. NO matter what you have gone through in life, it is NOT an excuse for falling into depression and anxiety. I do not suffer from either and have experienced MUCH trauma in my life. Please refer to my earlier post >> [I Know What Its Like. . .]

The ONLY exception would be some sort of chemical imbalance being responsible for the depression and/or anxiety to remain as a very difficult obstacle to overcome.

Listen.. This article is meant to HELP you. I have found in my 50 plus years of living this life, that those that truly WANT HELP. WILL GET or RECEIVE HELP. As well as those that want to stay in their state of depression and anxiety will do so.

Someone said a few very POWERFUL WORDS to me many years ago and I clung to them like a life raft. A beacon of hope. A personal motto/mantra.

I think if I hadn’t heard those words when I did, I most likely would have followed through with suicide. That’s right. I wanted and tried to kill myself several times.

Those words were simple.

Effective. Piercing. Powerful. Life changing.

They were.. . . .


Ta Da!!! That’s IT! Those were the powerful words spoken to me. Words that changed my LIFE!!! Instead of choosing to be a VICTIM, I CHOSE to be a VICTOR! Instead of choosing to be helpless, I CHOSE to be HELPFUL, Instead of choosing to be powerless, I CHOSE to be POWERFUL, Instead of choosing to be faithless, I CHOSE to be FAITHFUL, Instead of choosing to blame, I CHOSE to BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN SUCCESS, LIFE AND HAPPINESS.

So that is it. A simple truth that can SAVE LIVES! So simple yet so powerful in it’s simplicity. So embrace the power of CHOICE. CHOOSE healthy options. Choose Success, Life, Victory, Action, Health… [insert choice here] and GO FOR IT!

I truly hope that this article has helped you! If you want to discuss your hurts, need a helping heart, hoof and hands, We’re here for you!

Contact us at triplelranchllc@gmail.com and we will set up an appointment to meet with you.

Selah (Think on these things)

X0X0 Patti (Yeshuazgirl)

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