Truth in Trials

No matter what you deal with in this life… whenever you experience some sort of trial, a truth is revealed about the character of ourselves and of others. strength

It is my staunch belief that trials serve to refine and strengthen us not break us down. Thus the old adage, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

This life can get complex and difficult quickly. When you come right down to it….

The only things in life that we are assured of are death and change. Sounds pretty depressing right?… WRONG.

It doesn’t have to be! It all depends on one word. Attitude. Having a good or positive attitude can change your outlook on everything in life! When going through difficult times, it says a ton about your character if you keep a positive attitude and persevere through it to emerge STRONGER on the other side.


There are always two choices: A. To Succeed or B. To Succumb. I choose A. hands down, every single time. Some folks who suffer from depression, anxiety or other mental health issues may not be able to see things clearly and discern these choices.

That is where we can help! For those who feel helpless, hopeless, worrisome.. there is help. Sometimes, life can get so overwhelming, we can’t see our way through the tangle of problems that surround us. We may feel suffocated and defeated.

That is when we need to recognize that we need assistance with seeing our options. Help with healing hurts, overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of moving in a positive direction in our lives.

If you are experiencing a trial in your life and need help, know that you ARE NOT ALONE! We’re here for you!

Contact us today at  to find out about our sessions. We hope to hear from you soon!



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